Welcome to Le Muséum de L’Ardèche

Natural history museum at Balalazuc, Ardèche, France

The village of Balazuc

At the hearth of the Gorges de L’Ardèche, at the door of the Geopark UNESCO des Monts d’Ardèche, the Muséum of Ardèche is located in a a fantastic naturel and historic environment.

Appearing to be clinging to a rock above the Ardèche river, this medieval village has the classification of “The most beautiful villages of France”.

The site Balazuc is also a national geological reference since 1982, known for prehistoric housing into the jurassic’s cliffs. Bivouacs frequented by neandertals contains a rich fossils fauna of the last glaciation beginning.

The Muséum of Ardèche

Immerse yourself in the origins of Ardèche and rule the mysteries of Life ! A spectacular adventure in the universe of fossils turning the clock back.

Over 350 m², stones and fossils tell us 500 millions years of earth story including :

  • The outstanding jurassic marine wildlife from the depths of Ardèche exposed its sharks, squilds, lobsters and octopuses.
  • An impressive deposit of momified animals and plants well conserved into the diatomite, a stone formed thanks to volcanisme, 8 million years ago

A guided tour with a cultural mediator to deepen understanding and share experiences !